Professional supervision is one of the main conditions for every kind of construction, as low ones as well as high ones. Engineer role in professional supervision is to save the investor and to provide that the construction is according to rules and rates. At the moment of engagement, professional supervisor become the investor’s protective side, and his duty is to protect his interests. Every business or residential facility, road and anything else that construction includes as well, needs a professional supervisor, for many reasons which are:

- General protection of investor’s interests

- Security and safety that facility is build according to standards and the main project

- Control of material which is used by contractor, by terms of quality, quantity and the cost.

- Detailed control of the contractor works

- Weekly report of works progress

In this field, in “Arhing” Company are engaged qualified and experienced engineers, in

order that investor feels completely certain that his facility is by the requested

standards and the financial investments are under full control.